My name is Lee Benjamin.  I have in recent years discovered my ability to have a range of creative skills.  I have loved being a pianist since early childhood.  Music was my solace and my creative outlet.  I discovered I wasn’t a sewer when I sewed the zip into the hem of my dress.

I have always loved colour and was able to put different ideas together for people who didn’t know what to do.  I wanted to do scrapbooks but as I couldn’t cut straight lines or even artistic in the least.  I discovered a style of scrapbooking that suited me and I have been extending my skills since.  I love the use of colour in albums and gently enhancing the words and photographs with colourful surrounds.

In the last months I have discovered card making and also the delights of a Cricut.  Life is such a colourful adventure and crafts is a way of expressing life in all its fullest.