February 2016

I have returned from a fabulous family weekend celebrating a niece’s wedding to the man of her dreams.  We had a few days of family gatherings as we came together from around the country.

One highlight was being picked up from the airport by miss three year old who gave me lots of hugs and kisses.  She then escorted me with her mother to the elevator to pick up the car.  The elevator was packed.  She announced in a loud voice to all – ‘This is my LeeLee!’  Every body replied -‘hello LeeLee’ and I duly responded.  Then somebody asked miss three year old what her name was – Confidence failed and she curled into Mum’s legs.

I have taken a picture of miss three year old and me together and I am going to scrapbook this for my special family moments.  You know it is so easy to forget to write down those moments with our pictures – we rush to finish page after page of our travel photos but we don’t record beside them those fun little incidents that make that day or that part of the trip so special.

Remember we are special people who have special pictures and moments to scrapbook in our memory albums.


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